DRTV is a Science: its discipline leads to success and our partnerships with leading DRTV experts have created winning strategies. We manage fully integrated campaigns that treat print, broadcast and online as a single channel. White Star Analytics allows us to synch a campaign and offer the precise attributions for timely scale and conversion to profit.

Production & Creative Services: Our Broadcast Partners have the production & creative experience to produce winning spots and illuminate your brand. We also create various broadcast formats to solve strategic & competitive challenges in Broadcast Media.

DRTV Buying/Negotiation: Our buying team leverages dollar volumes across all our partner relationships. This translates into significant savings and a lower goal threshold to profitability. We match your buying objectives with the options most specific to your needs.

Reporting Analytics: We provide hourly tracking analytics and integrate updated response data across all media channels. Real Time Analytics translates into timely optimization and the greatest level of cost efficiency.

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