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Why Print Has Better Sales Conversions Than Digital

One of the first things I do when meeting a new direct to consumer marketer and potential client, is ask them to rank all their advertising media channels in order of performance, on an ROI basis. They will most certainly always include print media close to the top of that list.  To most of my… Read More

The Booming Search Engine Optimization Trends For 2015

The internet is a massively influencing how marketing is executed these days by adhering with the latest Search Engine Optimization furor, which is crucial to have a distinguished identity. You must be aware with the fact that SEO is continuously renovating. Every now and then new updates are made public, new drifts are discussed and… Read More

How Do Digital Media Advertising Campaigns Benefits Business?

The advertising industry is changing unceasingly and we are getting to learn new ways to publicize. A digital media advertising campaign should be creative and effective because more visually appealing advertisements lead to a powerful impact among consumers, bringing more acknowledgement for your brand and more sales for your product. By hiring an experienced digital… Read More