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5 Good Reasons Why Print Media Remains Essential for Consumer Marketers

Print Media continues to be such a highly-profitable asset for customer acquisition marketers. Integrating Print with Digital and Social Media is a winning strategy. Let White Star Media show you how our ROI-based clients use this cross-channel strategy to great success. 1: It’s proven that cross channel marketing delivers the highest impact for ROI marketers… Read More

Why Print Has Better Sales Conversions Than Digital

One of the first things I do when meeting a new direct to consumer marketer and potential client, is ask them to rank all their advertising media channels in order of performance, on an ROI basis. They will most certainly always include print media close to the top of that list.  To most of my… Read More

4 Important Marketing Strategies for Developing Your Business

Each and every business aims to increase marketing efficacy. In the New York a lot of business entrepreneurs are looking for a marketing agency that has a right approach wherein the appropriate set of audience is targeted, fixated to key benefits based on their opinion and choices, and the message is delivered at a specific… Read More