Why Podcast Advertising Works For Direct Response Marketers

Talking to most adults I know under 40, it’s easy to discover that most of them listen to Podcasts. Many listen to at least 7 different Podcast shows a week. That’s a lot of listening! In fact, over 16 million adults consider themselves “avid podcast listeners”. This kind of dedicated following means that the advertisers we work with at White Star Media are excited by a growing medium that not only gives them scale, but also a custom format to sell their products directly to consumers.

We’re discovering that conversion rates on Podcasts are proving to be consistently stronger for our Direct Response advertising base than for other traditional media channels we use. Here’s the biggest reason: Ad messaging for Podcasts is embedded directly into the formatted content of the show as part of the show, and not as some necessary interruption. Podcast hosts are the stars of the podcasts and they’re dedicated to creating a positive messaging experience for advertisers. Check out these 2 samples that show the integration we’re talking about:

Sample 1: Policy Genius ad read at 5:00 minutes in.

Sample 2: Blue Apron ad read at 1:50:50

Also key to delivering high conversions is that Podcast Advertisers pay for their ads on a per download basis only. Third party data auditing is standard & ensures that the shows are delivering at or close to their stated audience numbers. Also, there’s enough scale in podcast audiences today that geo – and demo targeting – can be accomplished too. Tracking is also more accurately accomplished with podcasts because the URL tracking codes tie directly into unique host driven product offers.

So if you’re not in the game yet, it’s worth it to test this emerging and responsive media channel!

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