Rampant Digital Ad Blocking Explains Poor Sales Conversions

ROI Based Marketers Please Take Note: The rampant ad blocking currently used in all forms of digital advertising (especially mobile), is a key reason why sales conversions are so much lower compared with traditional forms of media like Print & TV. Consider the wave of digital ad blocking software that’s being aggressively marketed to consumers, and you can imagine how much money marketers are losing on their advertising spending.


This continuing trend comes at a point when companies are moving more of their ad dollars into digital and away from traditional media channels. Marketers should require more transparency with their digital partners and maintain a balanced and integrated media spend to deflect large scale audience loss by ad blocking.


Our company, White Star Media, lives in the ROI Universe. Every dollar of our client’s budgets needs to deliver a positive return on ad spend. Print Media is consistently predictable and transparent while we see much negative inconsistency on results when buying targeted digital media for our clients.


It was good to see The New York Times validating our concerns regarding the wild wild west that remains the Digital Advertising universe.





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