5 Good Reasons Why Print Media Remains Essential for Consumer Marketers

Print Media continues to be such a highly-profitable asset for customer acquisition marketers. Integrating Print with Digital and Social Media is a winning strategy. Let White Star Media show you how our ROI-based clients use this cross-channel strategy to great success.

1: It’s proven that cross channel marketing delivers the highest impact for ROI marketers to succeed.
Combining Digital & Print packs a punch for reaching across two of the largest but unduplicated consumer audiences.

2: The Print Media subscriber pays for their content.
This is often not the case with digitally-served ads. Paying customers have higher engagement and loyalty to the content they see. Do you think the subscriber who pays $150 per year to read The Economist is more likely to see your advertising? We think so too.

3: Response rates and sales conversions are much higher in Print.
They’re also more consistent and therefore easier when projecting and scaling a campaign.

4: Print Media consumers are generally older and more affluent.
Sharing your digital message with a Print subscriber ensures a higher overall order cost and a customer with good lifetime value.

5: Proof is in the spending.
Marketers spent almost $28 billion in Print media last year. Hardly a dying media channel. Established ROI companies keep spending in print because it works.

White Star Media will create a free cross channel media campaign for any product offer or budget you’re considering. Let us show you how our cross-channel approach eliminates risk and scales your advertising campaign to its highest level. Contact us today to learn more.

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