6 Ideas About Designing Of Print Media Ads To Beat Competitors

If you wish to outperform the competition and promote your business or brand exceptionally, then choose print media advertising as the channel of marketing. However, do not forget to create impressive print advertising designs as it will entice new customers and compel them to take action. With no audience development expense and high customer retention, print media advertising leaves no stone unturned to attract the attention of the masses.

6 Tips for Designing Powerful Print Media Advertising

Tip#1: Use the Most Recent Logo
Make use of an updated and striking logo that is contemporary, germane and apposite for any set of an audience or demographic you are trying to target. Hire an expert and professional graphic designers instead of hiring freelancers to get your advertisement printed.  You would not only make a way to be distinct as an up-to-date brand, but also a way for mass to easily recall your brand and what it deals with in terms of products or services by having an updated logo.

Tip#2: Choose the Right Color Combination

You should select an appropriate color blend for your ad as color plays a huge role in carving a brand identity and existence, local or online. The selected chroma should be convincing and easily gain attention via any marketing campaign, which you plan to launch.

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Tip#3: Make use of print-friendly media and images

It is advisable to use print-friendly images and media while creating new print media advertisement designs for your communique, brand, and company. Ensure that all your designs as well as photos are harmless to print, with no copyright issues and have a DPI of minimum 300. If you are uncertain about what categorizes as a print-friendly image or graphic, then you should work with a specialized advertising agency to get the right ad printed without negotiating with the quality.

Tip#4: Decide the size of your print media advertising design

Determine the size of your print ad design while working to accomplish it because printing design needs a higher DPI, or dots per inch, whereas while making graphics the standard DPI is 72.

Tip#5: Typography is important

Pick the most appropriate font style as the typography of your message as it is equally essential to make an impact on your targeted audience. Search for the perfect font for your print advertising design by comparing various fonts and select the one that is readable and copyright free as well. If you understand the significance of type in your advertisement you can eventually make a huge difference and your ad can be outstanding with recurrent viewers or reader.

Tip#6: Add a call to action (CTA)

Using a call to action button in print advertising design is a great approach to make leads and to get prospective long-term followers and fans for your brand or company. Integrating a call to action can be done executing a URL for your website and by providing a bar code for smartphones so the recipient knows how to grab more information regarding your business brand and your offerings.

Last, but not the least, the main aim of print ad design style is usually to improve engagement. Gaining importance and enhancing engagement among your target customer is the real measurement of success in your design.

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