Using Print Marketing to Boost Ecommerce Results

Using Print Marketing to Boost Ecommerce Results

Do you run a business that relies heavily on ecommerce? If so, you might not think you have to spend much time or money on print ad campaigns. After all, if the majority of your business is going to be conducted online anyway, why go through the hassle of developing a print campaign and distributing print materials? It might seem like a waste.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is, a strong, well thought out and crafted print campaign becomes a complementary channel to selling products online. Here are a few reasons you should use print advertising to pair with your ecommerce sales.

Print marketing will engage your potential customers.

When customers see your print marketing materials, it will engage all of their senses. As Entrepreneur points out, they will look at the materials and feel something about them. They will also smell the paper and feel it. If you do a good job engaging people on all these sensory levels, they will build memories of your business and remember it in the future. This increases your chances of them coming to you for your products or services.

Print marketing creates a fully integrated campaign.

What is your business all about and where do people find out about your products and services? In today’s world, people identify brands in a variety of ways on a variety of media. When you sit down to create print marketing materials, you’re tapping into a new media and a new variety of customers. Fully integrated campaigns with digital and print customers responding to ads often don’t include the same customers, so you’re not duplicating audiences but expanding your potential customer universe. This will help you connect with prospective customers and reach out to new market opportunities.

Print marketing will make your company feel more personable.

These days, people are bombarded with digital marketing campaigns every time they pick up their phone or sit down at their computer. As a result, they rarely really create lasting connections with digital marketing materials. That’s where we make a difference. We use clever ad copy and aggressive and proven marketing tactics to create an effective, integrated ad campaign. You come to us with a budget, and we’ll create an ad to increase awareness and engagement.  As a result, this will make people feel like they really know your company and be willing to spend their money on your products and services.

When you make the effort to incorporate print campaigns into your overall marketing strategy, more customers will be drawn to your business. In 2016  We sold over 500 Million dollars in sales on  our client’s products and services through print media marketing. White Star Media can show you how print can benefit your business and lend you our expertise in the advertising world. Call us at 914-409-4242 today to speak with a representative about our capabilities today.

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