7 Big Reasons Why Print Media Buying Is Immortal?

Print Media Buying Service NYWe live in a technological world, in which people are highly technology obsessed because they do not feel comfortable if they are not continuously connected with some or the other digital gadget. And, since the whole world is becoming gadget freak, some in the advertising business are having illusions that print media buying no more takes place. They are in assumptions that print advertising is fading. On the contrary, print marketing is eternal and is still enormously effective.

Seven Advantages of Print Media Buying

1. Print does incredible branding: A glossy magazine ad can do wonders in terms of promoting a brand transcendentally. A beautifully designed advertisement is an interactive experience for readers. Moreover, according to a recent survey, it has been observed that 55% of youth pays more attention to the print ads.

2. Leveraged credibility: Print periodicals unswervingly provide readers with true, qualitative content that increases trustworthiness and marketers can effortlessly leverage this believability. Through print publications, the advertisers can create the “Halo effects” that means one who places the ad receives the similar positive feelings from readers that are related with the publications. This indicates that there is a high probability of getting good leads and greater sales numbers due to this credibility.

3. Prints are portable: A print publication acts as your buddy and you can carry it and read it anywhere while sitting on a couch, on your bed, while in an airplane—even when in your bathroom. Any digital device has a certain limitation as they cannot be carried to every place where periodicals can be and cannot provide you the same experience too.

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4. Print readers are dedicated: It is a tough task to engage readers to other media. People are becoming more and more multitasking as they perform multiple tasks together such as messaging, listening, talking and e-mailing to their iPod while watching TV— getting noticed is trials and tribulations. Whereas it’s difficult to do multitasking when you read a print publication.

 5. Switch off takes place: There is no doubt to the fact that we are technology fixated, but we do understand when to hit the switch every once in a while. And, when we disconnect from the digital world, we fall back on print media as a medium of engagement and entertainment.

6. Prints can be passed on and has durability: Many of us share and pass on magazines, catalogs, and flyers, etc., among kitty party friends, office colleagues or relatives. But in the same way, you will hardly come across someone sharing websites with the same set of people.

7. The print provides exclusivity: If you analyze there are millions of websites out there, but very few have a print magazine to bring in traffic. One the other hand, print advertising vehicles such as outdoor boards, brochures, posters, magazines, and newspapers cater a special blueprint to drive traffic to your online presentation.

There are a lot more reasons why print marketing can never die. With the right combination of print advertising with the appropriate mix, marketers can harness the power of print and digital both for increased exposure and ROI.




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